Hear from the Fit In Family!

From Boyton Beach  to Miami, I work with some of the greatest passionate and dedicated students in the world! Whether your goal is to transform your body or just want to shed a few pounds to get ready for the summer, we can push and drive you in a way that will get you standing out for all the right reasons.

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For the past 10 years I have struggled with my weight not feeling motivated to do anything, but always wishing and dreaming for that perfect body. In the last 8 weeks I have found that I can do anything that I put my mind to. The positive motivation that followed me behind my trainer Twana and Fit In Studio and the girl power that she has created for me, has made me realize that nothing is impossible. I am 40 and I’m constantly getting compliments that I look much younger due to my recent weight loss, but most importantly I feel better about myself, I feel better about my eating habits, and my terrible cravings for chocolate. Twana has motivated my spirit!! Wishing and dreaming for my dream body is no longer. I can see my journey at the end of the tunnel looking at myself is no longer a disgust. Feeling good about myself is no longer the depression. Thanks for being that shadow that stuck with me.


Since starting your classes in January, I have reached my summer goal of 40 pounds dropped a month in advance! Thank you for finding the beast in me! Who would thought running would become my new hobby! Completing the 8 week weight loss challenge has taught me so much discipline! 25 down in 8 weeks!! Nothing but clean eating and training hard FITIN STUDIO STYLE! I can’t wait to start personal training in the summer to continue my fitness journey! Thank you Twana for everything! I feel like I am a new person! Literally because I’m in size medium! Bye bye XL! #fitin


I reached an age that I just began to gain weight, nothing changed in my life but getting older. Then Twana motivated me to try and lose what I gained. I took the challenge, as I am a competitive person, and surpassed my goals. I ate clean, drank much water, and worked out 5-7 days a week and doubled up some days. I was determined as I saw 5 pounds down within the first week. I feel so much better and have gotten into a routine of eating and exercising. It’s a lifestyle! Thank you for getting me started on my journey! Children, grandchildren, age…That all doesn’t matter, it’s your persistence, determination, and motivation to do better for yourself inside and out! #fitlifestyle


I have been trying to get under 200 lbs for the past couple years. I’ve gotten close but never successful, 8 weeks ago I started a weight loss challenge with some beautiful ladies. My starting weight was 230 pounds. The first 2-3 weeks was easy, but what happens when you feel like you’ve reached a plateau or you want to give up. I got focused and started making my own small personal daily challenges. I looked for my competition for motivation everyday they posted about working out and taking photos along their journey. Then it hit me! I saw my opportunity to reach my goal weight of 200 pounds. Week by week it came off as I turned away and passed up on some of my favorite foods. I incorporated some type of workout throughout my work day when I couldn’t make it to the gym or a class. I have drank so much water in my life but now that’s all my body craves. I started to love what I was becoming! Exceeding goal weight by 5 pounds I am absolutely grateful for being apart of a team that wins no matter what. Thank you Twana for your encouragement and consistency! # Thankful # Newmindset #winning