Standing out isn't always easy.

This is where Twana comes in.

Twana Hosang is the founder and CEO of Fit In Studio, LLC. She is a health and fitness coach who motivates and inspires others to a better and healthier lifestyle. From her own fitness journey and experiences, Twana has discovered her passion in helping others to achieve their fitness goals and guiding them on their fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle. With 5 years of group training experience and 3 years of personal training she has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge within this field on the front and the back end. Twana has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.



The Birth of Fit In

With her passion for fitness and her business background she has ventured on her own to start Fit In Studio, which currently offers group training indoor and outdoor, private group training, and Personal Training. She is constantly coming up with new ideas for workouts to keep training fun and interesting. She offers various online training programs as well as an easy to follow nutrition meal plan. Her goal is to make sure that everyone Fits In and still Stand Out while offering high quality customer service in a positive environment that will providing motivation, inspiration, and information. Fit In is lifestyle change and commitment to a better and healthier way of life.

It's All About MINDSET!

The day I changed my mindset was the day I changed my life! After having my 2nd daughter I made the decision to live a fit and healthy lifestyle and haven't looked backed. With 2 young daughters, working full time and attending school full time, I had to make time.

Starting with 30 mins of my day during lunch just walking and making conscious decisions on what I put in my body. It has not been easy or perfect, but I wouldn't change it for the world. This process has thought me discipline and patience which has transferred over to other areas of my life.

You can start wherever you are with whatever you have, the first step is making the decision! Keep pushing, never give up, be patient, and put in the work. The results will surely follow!

A personalized workout plan will help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

I can help you get there!

Check out which program works for you!